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1107 E Lancaster Avenue Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 



Welcome back!

V's Up Nova!



is a legendary Main-Line watering-hole where friends meet for good times, great pub fare and all things NOVA! Located on Lancaster Avenue minutes from campus, Kelly's is the ultimate Wildcat meetup! 
During the pandemic, we decided to stay closed in order to keep our community, staff and customers safe.  We are thrilled to be reopened and invite you to come and dine with us safely and as family.  We are working hard to ensure a clean and healthy environment awaits you inside our doors.  Our policies may change as required by local regulation but we will always greet you with a smile  and ask during your visit please be safe and be respectful as we venture this challenging time together. 
We have happy hour weekdays 4pm - 7pm.  
For updated deal information please check back as these may change with demand.  


About Us

In 1828, Pennsylvania Legislature authorized the construction of the railroad between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. This was known as the "Main Line" of the Public Works system and is the reason this area of Philadelphia is called the "Main Line." 


Realizing the potential of the "Main Line" the state of Pennsylvania purchased the land surrounding the new railroad stations to create "summer homes" for the Philadelphia Elite. To ensure the success of Bryn Mawr, the State prohibited the building of "hotels, taverns, and drinking saloons, or other buildings of offensive occupation."


Legend has it that the first establishment to become approved was right at this spot. The "Ivy Inn" opened at this location to provide food and spirits worthy of Philadelphia's finest. Unfortunately, prohibition brought an end to the success of the Ivy Inn. 


Fortunately, Mrs. Kellys, who changed the name to Kelly's reopened it. Mrs. Kelly ran Kelly's as a family business until the late 60s. After retirement, several different groups owned Kelly's, including a group of Philadelphia professors, a local Bryn Mawr businessman, and others. During the many transitions, Kelly's started to show its age. An attempt to renovate the building was made, but multiple hurricanes destroyed its progress, forcing construction to stop and Kelly's to close in 1998. It was in 2002 that a group purchased the building and started construction on their dream of returning Kelly's to its former reputation as a place for family, friends, and neighbors to gather for good food and good times. This group, many of whom are Villanova and area college alums, continue to operate in the spirit of Villanova and the surrounding neighborhood. We welcome you to enjoy our fine selection of food and beverage. 


Now. About that moose. The moose was a staple to Kelly's many of which remember and recognize the Moose as the symbol of Kelly's. The original moose from the '60's Kelly's was "lost" in the construction. The current moose is a Maine male who was placed onsite at the grand reopening in 2005.


*Monday:                Closed  

Tuesday:            4:30pm-2am
Wednesday:      4:30pm-2am 
Thursday:          4:30pm-2am
Friday:               4:30pm-2am
Saturday:           11:30am-2am
*Sunday:              Closed  

*Special Openings Spring 2024
Monday January 15 2pm-12am
Monday March 11 9pm-12am
Monday April 1 9pm-12am 
Monday May 13 9pm-12am
Sunday May 19 9pm-12am Senior Sendoff



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kelly's taproom

1107 E Lancaster Ave, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010


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